Soedjatmoko’s writings reflect his engagements as an intellectual in different periods of Indonesia’s history and at various phases of his life. All his writings can be accessed following four time periods:

Here are Soedjatmoko’s writings during the early years of Indonesia’s independence, including when he was assigned to garner international support for Indonesia’s sovereignty. In this period, Soedjatmoko wrote about culture, the creative capacity and politics in Indonesia. Also found here is his speech at the preparatory meeting of Indonesia’s Constituent Assembly where he was a member.

Here are Soedjatmoko’s writings during his tenure as Ambassador to Indonesia in the United States of America (1968-1971). Also here are his writings during Indonesia’s New Order era on the cultural and human dimensions of development as well as those expressing his views on geopolitics in Asia and the Pacific.

Here are Soedjatmoko’s writings during his tenure as Rector of the United Nations University (1980-1988) in Tokyo, Japan, in which he addressed a wide range of issues at the global level.

Here are Soedjatmoko’s writings after completing his term at the United Nations University when he brought home to Indonesia insights and learnings from his engagements at the global level.